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Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection

New Home for Digital Burgert Brothers Collection

Now find the nearly 15,000 images in the Burgert Brother Photograph Collection with our other digital collections. They will no longer be viewable through the catalog as of May 31, 2014.

Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection


Photographer with camera standing
on roof of new Burgert Brothers truck
parked on Davis Islands:Tampa, Fla.,

About the Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection

The Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection presents a unique pictorial record of the commercial, residential and social growth of Tampa Bay and Florida's West coast from the late 1800s to the early 1960s.

Nearly 15,000 images in this collection chronicle the history of the Tampa Bay area as it faced wars, natural disasters, economic booms and busts. The images offer a view of a community at work, from cigar factories, sponge docks and strawberry fields, to grocery stores, service stations and bank lobbies. Many of the photographs also depict a community at leisure, enjoying a day at the beach, participating in local celebrations, attending the Florida State Fair or playing favorite games such as golf, tennis, shuffleboard or checkers.

This extraordinary archive - a visual link with our past and our heritage - is preserved at the John F. Germany Public Library for the public to view and use.

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