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James Martin, Jr., Vice-Chair
William Scheuerle, Secretary
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Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Board



Library Staff:
Joe Stines, Director

Jeannie Fletcher, Administrative Assistant

Linda Gillon, Manager of Staff & Administrative Support

Special Guests:
Kathryn Jasper, USF Intern


Chairman, Kay O'Rourke called the meeting to order at 4:05pm


In the absence of the Secretary, Kay O'Rourke conducted the Roll Call.

Library Board Members Present:
Kay O'Rourke, Chairman=
Linda Arnold, Vice Chairman=
Sandra Cameron, Nancy Crippen
Helen Swisshelm, Gloria Abrams
Fred Hearns

Library Board Excused:
Dora Reeder

Library Board Absent:
Arnold Kotler, Elizabeth Blue
Nancy Crippen


As there were no corrections or additions, the minutes from the June 25, 1998 meeting were approved as written.


Nominating Committee:

Linda Arnold, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, said that the Committee met and proposed the following slate of officers for FY99:

Linda Arnold- Chairman
Gloria Abrams- Vice-Chairman
Arnold Kotler- Secretary

She called for nominations from the floor. As there were none, the slate was approved 7-0 with Dora Reeder voting by telephone.

Joe Stines announced that the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted on July 22, 1998 to re-appoint Arnold Kotler and Gloria Abrams to the Library Board. New members include Josephine Gracia (District 4) and Catherine Bartolotti (District 3).

Budget Committee:

Proposed FY99 Budget

The Budget Committee's handouts were distributed and reviewed. Joe Stines called attention to the revised list of important budget dates and stressed the importance of the Community Investment Tax (CIT) Public Hearing on August 11, 1998, 6:00pm, 2nd FL., County Center. He said he attended the Public Hearing on the Operating Budget on July 22nd and was pleased that citizens made many positive comments about the library system. Citizens from the West Gate Regional Library were there in force to support the expansion of their library.

Joe reviewed the Library's FY99 budget as proposed by Mr. Kleman on July 15, 1998. The final FY99 budget will be approved by the Board of County Commissioners in September.

Character 10 (Personnel Services): The Personnel Budget will increase from $9,695,611 in FY98 to $10,452,892 in FY99. The increase reflects the following: a) an average 4% merit increase b) a pay compression/merit increase averaging 2.3% and c) an additional 1% contribution by the County into deferred compensation for employees who chose Plan B. The increases include the Director and Exempt Managers as well as Classified employees.

The larger figure also includes 3 positions for the Jan Platt Library (a Principal Librarian, Van Driver and Page). These employees will work on opening the facility; other positions for the Jan Platt Regional Library will be included in next year's budget. The Jan Platt Library is scheduled to open during FY2000.

Character 60 (Capital Outlay): The Library Materials budget will increase from $3.2 million in FY98 to $3.4 in FY99. $40,000 is for the Jan Platt Library. Another $900,000 of CIP funds has been approved for an opening day collection, with another $300,000 designated for the year 2000. Joe said he was comfortable with the $1.2 million earmarked for this facility's books & materials.

The budget for Electronic Resources will go down in FY99. The FY98 figure reflects rollover monies from the previous year. The funds will be adequate for the changeover in the year 2000.

Helen Swisshelm asked Joe to pull out from the budget any items pertaining to Maintenance (including Indirect Costs) and to elaborate on the meaning of the terms used. Joe said he would be glad to prepare a handout for the Library Board.

Character 80 (Grants & Aids): The grant to Temple Terrace will increase slightly in FY99 because it will be more expensive to operate their new facility. The amount for Bruton Memorial stayed approximately the same.

Character 30 (Operating Expenses):

Professional Services: This subcategory of Character 30 will increase by $25,000 because a new janitorial contract is being awarded and because cleaning services for a full year will apply to New Tampa Regional and the 78th St. Community Library.

Rentals & Leases: $75,000 will accommodate the lease for the new Seffner/Mango Branch when it opens. The lease at the Eastlake Square Mall is now on a month-to-month basis. The old site is being used for storage. Joe said he expected the build-out of the Seffner/Mango site to be completed in 2-3 months minimum. Electronic equipment is being stored downtown.

Building Maintenance: As there are no rollover monies for FY99, the Building Maintenance budget will be reduced to $285,000. 1% of Special Library Taxing District funds will also be set aside for maintenance. Mr. Harwig, Director Facilities Maintenance for the County, will expend these funds. Fred Hearns asked if repairs for John F. Germany Public Librarywere included in the FY99 Maintenance budget. Joe responded that major repairs must go through the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). However, less costly repairs can be covered by the $285,000. Priorities include acoustical panels for the auditorium, the East Building lighting upgrade, and replacement of chairs.

Furniture and Equipment: Furniture & Equipment will decrease substantially because no new branches will open in FY99. Joe pointed out that John F. Germany Public Librarymight be re-organized as it can no longer compete with the regional facilities. At that time, furniture replacement needs will be addressed.

Insurance Assessments: This figure will go down to $119,405 from $146,399. Joe suggested inviting the new Director of Insurance and Claims to attend a future Library Board meeting to discuss insurance issues. The need for insurance for the book collection has yet to be addressed.

Funded Capital Improvement Program (CIP) List

Current funded projects include the following:

Jan Platt Regional Library 	   $6,533,000 (includes a $500,000 grant)
Library System Lighting Retrofit   $61,000
John F. Germany Public LibraryAuditorium 	   $26,000
John F. Germany Public LibraryRefurbishments	   $314,000
John F. Germany Public Library/Annex ADA Renovation  $156,000
Joe pointed out that monies for the lighting retrofit will be used to finish John F. Germany Public Libraryand do smaller retrofits for other branches such as West Gate. The installment of acoustical panels will close out the John F. Germany Public LibraryAuditorium project. Monies for land acquisition for the new Northwest Regional Library, which will supplement the WD Charities Grant, is included in the recommended CIP funded program for FY99. The total budget for the new facility, including the grant, is $4,053,000.

Community Investment Tax (CIT) Projects

Joe pointed out that the following projects are already funded through either the Special Library Taxing District or the first round of CIT funding.

Lutz Library Roof Replacement	        $85,000
North Tampa Library A/C Replacement	$30,000
Riverview Library Carpet Replacement	$30,000
Ruskin Library Carpet Replacement	$40,000
Seminole Library Roof Replacement	$76,000
South County Regional Library	        $500,000
West Gate Library Roof Replacement	$235,000
West Tampa Library Renovations	        $400,000
West Tampa Library Rehab. (columns)	$89,000
Ybor Library Improvements	        $161,000
Joe said he was glad the $400,000 for West Tampa Library renovations is designated for the year 2002 and 2003 because the Library Board needs to study this facility carefully to see if it is better to renovate or relocate. He requested that West Tampa be a top priority for the Library Board in FY99.

Joe noted that comments were made at the July 22, 1998 Budget Public Hearing about the condition of West Gate's roof. He said the roof has been patched; the design for a new roof has been finished and the project is scheduled for completion in October 1998.

The air-conditioning work at North Tampa, the carpet replacement at Riverview and the carpet replacement at Ruskin are funded in FY99. A new roof for Seminole and a site for a South County Regional Library are also priorities for FY99. Outside lighting, parking lot improvements and air-conditioning improvements for the Ybor Library are funded for FY98-00.

Helen Swisshelm asked about the Lutz Library roof replacement. Joe responded that the design phase is funded for FY99; however, the actual replacement won't occur until FY00. She pointed out that the roof is leaking on the new ceiling tiles. Any stained ceiling tiles will now have to be replaced. Gloria Abrams asked if there is room for the expansion of Lutz. Joe said "yes--5,000 sq. ft. could be added."

Projects for the 1% Ad Valorem Allocation

Joe explained that 1% of the Library's FY2000 ad valorem taxes is being set aside for maintenance projects. The following projects are priorities for this funding source:

North Tampa Branch Parking Expansion	$50,000  (FY00) 
John F. Germany Public Library3rd Fl. Improvements	$$55,000  (FY01)  
John F. Germany Public LibraryChiller	                $100,000  (FY00)
John F. Germany Public LibraryADA Renovations    	$350,000  (FY00-04)
John F. Germany Public LibrarySprinkler System	        $37,000  (FY00-04)
Total	                                $1,025,800  (FY00-04)
These items were once on the Library's Unfunded CIP list but have now been designated for the 1% ad valorem maintenance allocation. Joe commented that he had not seen a list of FY99 projects but said he would get one for the next Library Board meeting. He stressed that North Tampa's parking situation is very critical because it is inadequate and conditions are unsafe.

Helen Swisshelm asked if the projects for the 1% ad valorem allocation would be considered maintenance projects or CIP. Joe responded that they would be considered Capital Improvement Projects. The projects were originally on the Library's Unfunded CIP List. Helen also asked if the money for these projects was included in the Library's $18 million dollar budget. Joe said it is budgeted off the top of revenues and resides in the Library’s CIP budget.

Referring to the County's Budget Book, Joe said the FY99 projection for the Special Library Taxing District is $19,255,175. Other sources of revenue include State Aid, grants and fines/fees. Joe reminded the Library Board of the state law mandating that 5% of projected revenues remain unbudgeted.

Kay O'Rourke asked if the $4 million dollar figure for a new Northwest Regional Library and land purchase eliminated the possibility of accepting the Lowe's offer of donated land. Joe responded that it did not. He said Lowe's would like to go back to the drawing board and offer other options before the matter is taken to the BOCC for a vote. Mike Kelly, Director of Real Estate, will attend the August Library Board meeting to present an overview of available sites. The site at St. Timothy Church (behind Gaither H.S) continues to be popular. The site is reasonably priced but is hidden behind the school. Another site being investigated is a parcel that may be donated by the Carrollwood Golf and Tennis Club; 400 parking spaces would be available.

Helen Swisshelm asked what would happen to the current Northwest facility. Joe responded that no decisions have been made. The facility was originally built with federal revenue sharing funds rather than Library Taxing District monies. The land was donated. Library Taxing District revenue was used only for shelving, furniture, books and the extra parking lot. He said the Budget Department would research the issue. He said he felt reasonably certain that Library Taxing District funds spent on Northwest would be reimbursed.

Unfunded CIP List

Joe pointed out that all projects recommended by the Planning Committee and approved by the Library Board are on the list. Projects recommended at community meetings are also listed. They include the following:

Northwest Library Repairs	                     $1,500,000
Additional Land for the Jan Platt Regional Library   $1,250,000*
A South County Regional Library (land incl.)	     $7,943,000*
North Tampa Branch Library Expansion	             $794,000*
Lutz Branch Library Expansion	                     $800,000
Southeast County Regional Library                    $6,500,000
West Gate Regional Library Expansion                 $800,000
Lincoln Gardens Library/West Tampa                   $2,565,000
Seffner Library                                      $2,565,000
John F. Germany Public LibraryReconstruction                          $17,500,000
Bealsville or Keysville Library                      $2,565,000
Cork Library                                         $2,565,000
John F. Germany Public LibraryAsbestos Mitigation Project             $765,000
New Tampa Regional Library Expansion                 $700,000
Brandon Regional Library Parking                     $1,000,000
*Items recommended by Dan Kleman

Helen Swisshelm asked where the recommendations for the expansion of North Tampa, Lutz and West Gate originated. Joe said the recommendations came from the first CIT public hearings, community meetings and the Planning Committee's list of projects. He added that citizens have become very outspoken about their needs since the CIT passed.

Linda Arnold asked why the cost of the South County Regional was so high. Joe explained that this facility will have 40,000 square feet instead of 25,000 sq. ft. and has a much larger materials and electronic resources budget. The price of the land is included in this figure.

Sandra Cameron asked if South County is expected to grow enough to warrant such a large facility. Joe said "yes". This library will have a huge service area---Sun City Center, Apollo Beach, south Riverview, Fishhawk, etc. He said the Library Board could recommend that the size be reduced. He noted that this facility would not be operational for approximately 7-8 years.

Fred Hearns asked who spoke out in favor of a library in Lincoln Gardens. Joe said he received a letter from Reginald Williams, President of the Carver City/Lincoln Gardens Civic Association. Mr. Williams was invited to attend a Library Board meeting to discuss the needs of the community. Joe added that the County has been asked to contribute to the Urban League renovation project on North Howard. A joint partnership with the Urban League is also an option. Lincoln Gardens is located near the airport between Dale Mabry and Westshore.

Helen said the Egypt Lake area would be a perfect site for a library because it is so densely populated. Joe agreed and said the Egypt Lake project is still being nurtured. It appears that the School Board is going to approve a 1500-2,000 sq. ft. addition to the school's media center. Consequently, a joint facility is still within the realm of possibility. The Library has applied for a grant from the State but won't know for another month if it will be awarded.

Linda Arnold noted that items #4, #6 and #7 had been deleted from the Unfunded CIP List. Joe explained that these items were targeted for funding through the 1% of ad valorem taxes being set aside for maintenance.


Orange County Staff Development Engagement:

Joe announced that he would be speaking in Orange County about working with a Library Advisory Board. Another Director will speak about working with a governing Library Board.


Safety Concerns at the Ybor Branch Library: Fred Hearns said he followed up on this issue after the last Library Board meeting. He spoke to Major Tina Wright, Tampa P.D., and she now has the schedule of meetings for the Literary Council. The police department will provide some type of patrol in the area during meetings. Long-term solutions are also going to be looked at.


Joe Stines asked if Linda Arnold would begin work as soon as possible on appointments to the Library Board committees. She said she would.


Gloria Abrams made a motion to commend Kay O'Rourke for the excellent job she did as Chairman of the Library Board.

Fred Hearns asked if security people are considered support staff. Janet explained that they are not support staff because they are hired on contract. However, she said security guards would be included because of the nature of the activities.

      - The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:02pm

Next Library Board Meeting:
         Date: August 27, 1998
         Time: 4pm-6pm
         Location: John F. Germany Public Library

                 - Unless notified otherwise

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