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Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Board



Chairman Linda Arnold called the meeting to order at 4:10pm


Secretary, Dora Reeder called the roll:

Library Board Members Present:
Linda Arnold, Sandra Cameron
Dora Reeder
Helen Swisshelm
Kay O'Rourke
William Scheuerle
Library Board Excused:
Catherine Bartolotti
Josie Gracia,
Elizabeth Blue
Nancy Crippen

Library Board Absent:
Arnold Kotler, Fred Hearns

Library Staff Present:
Joe Stines, Director of Libraries
David Wullschleger, Chief of Operations

Linda Gillon, Manager, Staff & Administrative Support
Jeannie Fletcher, Administrative Assistant

Special Guests:

Members of the Public:


As there were no corrections or additions, the minutes from the April 22, 1999 Library Board meeting were approved as written.



Brandon Main Street Project: Linda Arnold said she had attended a presentation made by graduate students of the University of South Florida School of Architecture. She said they did an excellent job and their plan for a Main Street concept in Brandon looks attractive. There would be four sections: medical, retail, county offices and the mall. The Brandon Regional Library is located in this area. Parking would be off site so that people can walk or take trolleys. Linda said she came away with a good feeling about it.

Southeast County Regional Library: Linda Arnold suggested that the Library Board continue to pursue plans for a Southeast County Regional Library to relieve the Brandon Regional Library. There are plans to build more than 1800 new homes in Valrico. The ever-increasing number of residents will place further strains on library service in the area.


Helen Swisshelm reported that she and Library staff members met with County Administrator Dan Kleman on May 4th to review the Library's budget. Mr. Kleman asked how many positions were vacant or unfunded. (There were none.) He asked if Library Services had any staff members in charge of capital projects; the answer was "no". Mr. Kleman wanted to know the opening date for the Jan Platt Regional Library. (Oct. 15, 2000 is the target date.) He also asked Joe Stines if the City of Tampa owned the John F. Germany Public Libraryproperty. (The answer was "yes" but Joe added that Florida State Statute 84-443 needs to be reviewed.) Joe he had spoken briefly to Ron Rotella from the City but had heard nothing more since that telephone conversation.

The budget will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners on June 2. A summary will be provided to the Library Board.


No Report.


Commissioner Frank has asked for a written summary of the Library's proposed Internet Plan (Option 4). THPL staff members are working on ways to educate parents and teens about filtering options.


No Report.


Joe Stines reviewed the 98-99 Planning Committee List as an addendum to his written Director's Report.

Egypt Lake Interlocal Agreement: The Egypt Lake Interlocal has been signed by the School Board. This completes the necessary paperwork. Staff members have been hired and summer programming is ready to go. The database linking project is going very well and should be completed in July.

North Tampa Parking Lot Expansion: There will be room for 14 more parking spaces on the north side of the library. Parking expansion is fully funded. Only fourteen can be added if there is to be room for building expansion. The option of building a new facility has not been ruled out. It's possible that the CIT and state grant funding could be used for the project. The property north of Chamberlain H.S., at the corner of Linebaugh and North Boulevard, will be evaluated for this purpose. In the meantime, Charlie Prather will see if the adjacent church will allow the County to pay for the use of its parking lot during the week.

Cooperative Interlocal Agreement: A new Cooperative Interlocal Agreement including THPL, Temple Terrace and Plant City is almost complete. The attorneys will soon review the latest, and possibly final, draft. The document will need to be approved by the Library Board before going to the Board of County Commissioners on June 30th. There is some urgency to finalize the agreement because Plant City and Temple Terrace have not received their grants for this year.

Carver City/Lincoln Gardens: Joe said he and Commissioner Scott met recently with the community leaders of Carver City/Lincoln Gardens to explain that the old County Jail Administration Building does not appear to be suitable for a library and to offer other options. Joe said he would talk to Joe Abrams, City Parks Dept., about siting an electronic library in the new recreation planned for West Tampa. The possibility of partnering with one of the schools in the area may also be considered.

Wimauma/Progress Village: A hold-up in the delivery of telecommunications equipment has delayed the completion of the electronic library projects in the Wimauma and Progress Village Recreation Centers. The project should be back on target by July 1.

South County Regional Library: 19th Avenue is still the favorite general location. It has also been suggested that the library be co-located with the new middle school that may be sited on Hwy. 41. Joe said this option would be kept open if necessary; however, the location on Hwy. 41is too close to the Ruskin Library. Mike Kelly continues to work on finding suitable land. Funding for the land purchase will be available October 1.

Replacement Northwest Regional Library: Real Estate continues to work on land acquisition for the new Northwest Regional Library. In the meantime, the media has publicized that the July 31st deadline is looming. Joe explained that the purchase has been complicated by the fact that the owner of the favored site has been unresponsive to the County. Back-up sites will be explored immediately.

It was the consensus of the Library Board that a letter should be sent from Linda Arnold to Dan Kleman requesting that immediate action be taken to meet the July 31st deadline.

Long Range Planning Taskforce: There have been no more meetings of the Long-Range Planning Taskforce. Staff members are still preparing the surveys that will be conducted at local Wal-Mart and Target stores. A report should be available in June.

Sun City Center: Newly elected Sun City Center Association officers have expressed an interest in renewing the relationship between the Sun City Library and the THPL system. They have asked what can be done to restore the level of cooperation and good will that existed originally. They have also asked what would be involved if the County were to take over the SSC library. It was suggested that approximately $150,000 would be needed. The library would have to be open to the public but could be geared more toward senior citizens. A take-over would not impact the South County Regional Library. Discussions will continue. Sun City residents are aware that any proposals would have to come to the Library Board for consideration.

Balm: This community is located 6 miles south of Riverview. There is a new recreation center in the area and it has been suggested that this might be an ideal location for another electronic library. The citizens are also interested in finding out how to pursue their own library and seem very willing to work toward that end.

Emergency Handbook: Marcee Challener and Suzy George met with Bill Studer, Director of Public Safety, regarding an Emergency Handbook. A one-year security plan will be brought to the Library Board soon. It includes video/camera equipment, the use of off-duty policemen and barcode access to facilities.

Awards for Port Tampa City Library: The awards for the Port Tampa City Library keep coming in. At the 16th Annual Preservation Celebration on May 11, 1999, Tampa Preservation, Inc. gave the facility the Commercial Banner Award for the excellence of its preservation. Two days later, the Planning Commission awarded PTM an "Award for Excellence" during its Community design Awards Banquet. On May 21st, the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation bestowed an Outstanding Achievement Award on this facility. Port Tampa City Library is a winner!

State Library Council: The State Library Council will meet in the Library Board room at John F. Germany Public Libraryon June 10, from 1-4pm Barratt Wilkins has extended an invitation to the Library Board to attend. The meeting will be a planning session.




Fee Schedule: A new Library Services Fee Schedule was reviewed by the Library Board. The schedule contained the following changes: (1) THPL will be entering into a contract with a collection agency for the purpose of recovering materials, (2) customers will be required to pay for printing, (3) there will be a charge of $6 per hour at the Peninsular Library and New Tampa Regional Library for the use of personal computers. Customers will be able to do word processing at these locations.

The new Fee Schedule was approved by general consensus of the Library Board.

Appointments to the Nominating Committee: Linda Arnold asked Dora Reeder and Kay O'Rourke to serve on the Nominating Committee, with herself as an ex officio member. Dora agreed to be Chairman. She said she would present a slate of officers at the June meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:20pm

Next Library Board Meeting:
         Date: June 24, 1999
         Time: 4pm-6pm
         Location: Ybor Branch Library

                 - Unless notified otherwise

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