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Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Board



Chairman Sandra Cameron called the meeting to order at 4:10 p.m. A quorum was present.


Library Board Members Present:
Catherine Bartolotti, Ian Greig
Sandra Cameron, Josephine Gracia
Anniece Ross, Kay O'Rourke
William Scheuerle, Helen Swisshelm
Library Board Excused:
Dora Reeder
Mary Sherman

Library Board Absent:

Library Staff Present:
Joe Stines, Director of Libraries
Jean Peters, Chief Librarian
Maurice Site, Chief Librarian
Janet Lorenzo, Chief Librarian

Suzanne George, Facilities Coordinator
Jackie Zebos, Administrative Services
Barbara Marquette, Administrative Assistant
David Wullschleger, Operations and Technology Services, Manager
Linda Gillon, Staff & Administrative Support, Manager

Special Guests:

Members of the Public:



The minutes from the July 27, 2000 Library Board meeting were approved as written.




Chairman Cameron introduced County Attorney Emeline Action, who stated that Dan Kleman had requested the County Attorney's Office represent the Library Board. Chief Assistant County Attorney Jeannie Tarr will oversee the work of Assistant County Attorney, Linda Davidson, who will be working directly with the Board.

The Chairman asked for comments from the audience regarding the Management and Budget Department's proposal. Grant Walters, Upper Tampa Bay; Corresponding Secretary for the Citrus Park Civic Association stated that he has been working with the County to redevelop these areas and noted that these areas have a high degree of connectivity. He referred to the letter he had submitted to the Board citing locations for new libraries. Sue Hale, Treasurer, West Gate Friends of the Library gave her support of the proposed plan outlined by Eric Johnson. She also asked the other members of the audience to present a united front to the BOCC. Bob Angus and Maureen Gauzza, Upper Tampa Bay, agreed with Ms. Hale that the citizens needed to present a united front. Kay and John Sullivan presented the needs of South Brandon and distributed an outline of possible locations. Barbara Attrberry, Brandon Friends of the Library expressed the need for a library in South Brandon before the projected 2006 completion date.





Chair Helen Swisshelm stated that the Budget and Planning Committees had twice held a joint meeting to discuss the Library Capital Projects proposal. It was the consensus of the committees that the Board adopt Mr. Johnson's proposal for distribution of the surplus ad-valorem funds as the committee recommendation. The object is to finalize the recommendation today to be brought before the County Commissioners. Joe Stines stated the Board had received a copy of Eric Johnson's proposal memo in their mailing. He described the meeting that took place on August 4th, with the Management and Budget Office and how this proposal was developed. Ed Hunzeker, Assistant County Administrator, called a meeting of Real Estate, Architectural Services, Management and Budget and the Library staff. What staff tried to develop was a feasible timeline for these libraries to open and operate. Mr. Johnson's Pro Forma budget shows that the Library can handle the operating costs of the new libraries by FY06. If the economy stays strong the need for short-term borrowing may be eliminated. This plan takes the $5 million and spreads the costs in a logical manner but is still flexible enough to adjust projects when necessary. Also, this plan does not take into consideration any grants that may be awarded and the governor has been very supportive of state grants for library construction.

This plan projects that all the projects will be completed by FY06. All the projects on this plan advance at least one year and are ranked by practical application. The Jan K. Platt Regional and the Northwest Regional Library are fully funded and near completion and were not included in the $5 million allocation. In FY01 the funds are allotted to acquiring land; FY02-03 funds are allocated to building plan and design which usually takes from one to one and one-half years. In FY04 there are a number of major construction projects and some will continue into FY05 with the bulk of these funds being for furniture and equipment. Some of these projects may take longer because of the reconstruction/remodeling of the existing building. Both the Upper Tampa Bay and the Brandon libraries could move up as we follow the sequential order of the projects. Possibly one contract could cover the cost of the architect for both buildings.

The South County Regional library is more complicated since it is a larger building. Ms. Swisshelm reminded the Board that there is a possibility of incurring debt for the future construction and that the Library Board does have a reserve that will continue to build. By FY05 there may be sufficient monies for the operating budget or other costs and this could further eliminate the need for borrowing. William Scheuerle asked whether the land acquisition is to be completed in 2000 for South County Regional Library. Mr. Stines stated that the money for the land was committed in the first round of CIT. Land for South Brandon and Upper Tampa Bay is being investigated by the Real Estate Department. Mr. Stines stated that Mr. Johnson's Pro Forma called for a $500,000 debt service but that it does not take into account any CIT or grant money.

Mr. Greig made the motion that the proposal be adopted without change. He stated that Mr. Johnson's report was very conservative. Mrs. Swisshelm stated that the joint committees had made the recommendation that the Library Board accept the proposal and that no second was needed. The motion passed unanimously. Joe Stines reminded the audience of the upcoming BOCC workshops and encouraged them to express their support of the proposal to the Commissioners.








North Tampa Parking: Half of the new parking area has not been opened because the concrete barriers have not been installed. Mr. Greig asked that someone on staff contact the contractor for a date. Facilities Coordinator, Suzanne George stated that the contractor has been called and that orange safety cones are being put up to make those spaces available to patrons.

State Statute 84-443: Anniece Ross stated that the Board had covered all the important items. Since there seemed to still be some confusion the committee would continue the discussion of Section 6.

Ms. Swisshelm questioned the name the Board uses on official documents. It seems that the statue does not use Advisory in the title. Linda Davidson, County Attorney will review the statute for the correct and complete name and report to the Board.


Dress Code - Linda Gillon gave an overview of the proposed policy. In order to develop this policy a survey of the entire staff was conducted as well as review of other county departments, the Internet, and the Disney handbook. Administrative staff feel that the proposed policy and procedure is something that they can work with. Joe Stines commented that some of the requirements are for safety reasons.

Wearing of nametags makes identifying staff easier and promotes customer service. Anniece Ross suggested that wording be added suggesting to employees who wish to advance that they should follow the lead of their supervisor and/or dress for the position to which they wish to ascend. She also suggested that the term "procedures" be dropped from the title. William Scheuerle commented that no mention of hats was made. He stated that this is probably not a problem with library staff.

Kay O'Rourke asked about skirt length and whether there is a possibility that a very long skirt could become a hazard to the wearer. Ms. Gillon stated that she would address that issue.

Mr. Scheuerle asked Linda Davidson, County Attorney, to review the policy before the Board votes to adopt it.

Helen Swisshelm stated dress code standards are important and staff should present an appropriate appearance to the public. Ms. Gillon stated that this would be a system-wide policy and that appearance and dress are very personal things. It was not the intention of the administration to tread on human rights but to outline standards that are more specific than currently in force.

Josephine Gracia asked whether staff had a chance to offer feedback. Linda Gillon stated the survey she conducted was a compilation of staff input and recommendations as well as consultation with the administrative staff.

Ian Greig asked who was going to make the judgments. Joe Stines stated that supervisors, branch heads or department heads would be making the judgments, with employees able to file appeals with the Chief Librarians.

Helen Swisshelm made a motion to consider this policy after the County Attorney has reviewed it. William Scheuerle seconded. The vote was unanimous.

Sandra Cameron asked whether full names were to be on the employee's nametags. Linda Gillon stated the employees had been given the choice of using their first, last, or full name.


Joe Stines announced the promotion of David Wullschleger, Manager of Operations and Technology and introduced Gloria Peniel from the Human Resources Office, who is on permanent re-assignment to the library. During her time with the library, Gloria will be conducting a study of front line staff.

The Jan K. Platt Regional Library ribbon cutting is tentatively scheduled for December 11th at eleven a.m.

Helen Swisshelm asked when the next BOCC Public Hearing is scheduled. Joe Stines stated that it would be September 13th at 6pm and the second would be September 27 at 6pm.

Sandra Cameron asked whether there are any statistics tracking the use of E-Libraries. Joe Stines stated that Maurice Sites has a few statistics but not enough at this time to put into a comprehensive report.

Mr. Stines reminded the Board of the need to write a procedure to implement the county's Alcohol in Public Facilities Policy.

Mr. Greig asked that Ms. Ross attend the Jan K. Platt Public Art meeting in his place and asked to be excused from the October Board meeting since he will be out of town.




The meeting was adjourned at 5:55pm.

Next Library Board Meeting:
         Date: September 28, 2000
         Time: 4pm-6pm
         Location: Ruskin Branch Library

                 - Unless notified otherwise

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