James Johnson, Jr., Chair
900 North Ashley Drive
Tampa, Florida 33602
James Martin, Jr., Vice-Chair
William Scheuerle, Secretary
Phone: (813) 273-3660
Fax: (813) 273-3707

Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Board



The meeting was called to order at 4:05pm.


Library Board Members Present:
Bill Scheuerle, Mary Sherman
Sandra Cameron, Anniece Ross
Dora Reeder, Helen Swisshelm
Kay O'Rourke, Margaret Fisher

Library Board Excused:

Library Board Absent:
Mary Silver

Library Staff Present:
Joe Stines, Director of Libraries
Marcee Challener, Manager Public Service
David Wullschleger, Manager Operations & Technology
Linda Gillon, Manager Staff & Administrative Support

Suzanne George, Facilities Coordinator
Michele Crowe, Senior Secretary
Jackie Zebos, Administrative Librarian
Victorene Jackson, Site Coordinator, Seminole Heights Branch Library
Rodrigo Diaz, Librarian, Ruskin Branch Library

Special Guests:
Assistant County Attorney, Linda Davidson
Mike Kelly, Director, Real Estate Department
Bob Gordon, County Engineer, Public Works Department

Members of the Public:
Maureen Gauzza, President, Friends of Upper Tampa Bay Library


Minutes were approved with corrections.

Ms. Swisshelm suggested that motions and votes be bold face-type when recorded in the minutes.






No Reports. Committee assignments were made as follows:

Budget Committee: Helen Swisshelm, (Chair), Mary Silver, and Laura Vickers

Planning Committee: Sandra Cameron, (Co-Chair), Kay O'Rourke, (Co-Chair) Dora Reeder, Mary Sherman, and District 4 member.

Policies & Bylaws: (Internet Use Ad Hoc Sub-Committee): Anniece Ross, (Chair), Margaret Fisher, Helen Swisshelm, and Alma Hires.

Public Art Liaison: Will be appointed as necessary for Lutz, South Brandon, West Gate, West Tampa, and Upper Tampa Bay.












Dr. Scheuerle reminded the members that the Board is going to have a public meeting at Buckhorn Elementary on August 30th to vote on the Planning Committee's recommendation for a South Brandon site. Linda Davidson recommended that the new members, Laura Vickers and Dr. Alma Hires, be called and briefed regarding this meeting.

Mike Kelly stated that the last time the BOCC discussed the South Brandon project they directed the Real Estate Department to contact the Fish Hawk developer. A copy of the letter from the developer was included in the Board's mailing. Mr. Kelly showed pictures of the layout of the development and the potential location of a library site. Mr. Kelly stated that he had met with the owner of the Bloomingdale site regarding the additional acre of land and as a result the contract has been amended to include this additional acre.

Mr. Stines asked Mr. Kelly to review for the Board the various locations. He stated that it is 2.4 miles from the Bloomingdale site to the Lithia Springs site. From Lithia Springs to the proposed Fish Hawk site is 4.5 miles. When the new Fish Hawk development and a new road are built that will cut the mileage south of the river by approximately 2.5 miles from the proposed location in Fish Hawk to Lithia Pinecrest. Ms. Cameron asked, "How soon are they planning on building that road?" Mr. Stines stated that he was told it was in the first phase of the development. Mr. Kelly stated that it would be within two years. Ms. Swisshelm asked, "Have the County Commissioners accepted this offer?" Mr. Stines stated that it is up to the Library Board to advise the BOCC. Mr. Kelly stated that the question was whether this is a site that should be considered for a library now or a site for the future. Ms. O'Rourke asked whether this was the same site that the Planning Committee discussed years ago before Fish Hawk was started. Israel Grajales stated that it was not essentially the same plan. Mr. Stines stated if the Board considers this proposal at all it be as a future, possible site and that its effects on the other sites be just one factor. Ms. Cameron asked when the decision would have to be made concerning accepting the Fish Hawk property. Mr. Kelly stated that a decision would be needed before 2002.

Bob Gordon stated that the Public Works Department was asked to review the transportation costs issue of the two sites from an engineering perspective. The Public Works Department hired the engineering firm CH2M Hill to review the sites and complete a cost comparison for development of the two sites. A final report/fact sheet will be available by August 30th. Mr. Gordon stated that to accommodate the traffic and drainage on each site construction costs would be approximately $.5 million each and the difference between the cost of accommodating traffic and drainage on these sites is less than 10%. Mr. Gordon went on to say that the Lithia site has a retention pond that is immediately available and the analysis determined that it was adequate for the site and that no additional development of the pond would be necessary. That puts the Lithia site ahead on the stormwater side. When it comes to traffic the advantage goes to the Bloomingdale site since it has a four-lane road with a divided median. There are things that can be done to put in turn lanes when you have a divided median, opportunities that would present a challenge on a two-lane road such as Lithia-Pinecrest. Public Works expects that with the additional information that they have asked CH2M Hill to examine, the differences in the site development costs may change a little and may even come closer together. The Public Works Department recommendation, in weighting stormwater and traffic, give the edge to paying more attention to the traffic advantage than the stormwater. Neither one of these sites are in danger of flooding.

Ms. Cameron asked Mr. Gordon to address the problem of going east when exiting the Bloomingdale site. Mr. Gordon responded that the Public Works Department has already looked at some circulation options that would create a safe situation. There is a traffic light at Bloomingdale High School. A possible solution would be at the East end of the Bloomingdale site putting in a channelized left turn entry only (west bound) and exiting on the East side. The signal timing at the high school could be adjusted so that people exiting who want to go back left could make a free U-turn taking advantage of the existing signal.

Dr. Scheuerle repeated the following facts: The Bloomingdale site is 7.3 acres. The Lithia-Pinecrest site is 4.1 acres. The land cost for Lithia-Pinecrest would be approximately $550,000. The Bloomingdale site $265,000. The minimum parking spaces at Bloomingdale would be 220-250 and at Lithia approximately 190 with 30-40 compact spaces. Swati Bose stated that at the Lithia site there is the potential of having a two or two and a half story building block the visibility of the library from the road. A single story 10,000-sq. ft. library with a 15,000-sq. ft. expansion can be built on either site.

Ms. O'Rourke asked Mr. Grajales whether the additional property at the Bloomingdale site, which will accommodate the future expansion, could be used for parking. Mr. Grajales stated that it could be used for parking. Ms. O'Rourke asked whether the property would be paved. Mr. Grajales stated that it would be natural.

Ms. Ross asked Mr. Stines to discuss the possibility of Bloomingdale High School students using the library parking lot. Mr. Stines stated that the library's hours would be different from the school's, and the only way to walk to the school would be along the sidewalk on Bloomingdale Ave. The design would easily allow the addition of gates at the entrance of the library.

Ms. Ross asked Mr. Gordon about the channelization challenge of Lithia-Pinecrest. Mr. Gordon responded that Lithia-Pinecrest is a two-lane facility that would have to be expanded to include a left turn lane for southbound traffic to make a left turn onto Little Rd. Without that turn lane all southbound traffic would be stopped and it might also require a right turn deceleration lane for northbound traffic. On Bloomingdale Ave. there are four lanes and the traffic peaks and the library's peak times are not at the same time of the day. Mr. Gordon stated that the level of service on Lithia-Pinecrest is slightly higher than on Bloomingdale. The remaining capacity on Bloomingdale and Lithia-Pinecrest before they are considered fail condition is nearly equal with Lithia-Pinecrest being slightly more. What the Public Works Department didn't examine was the amount of development that could occur or how having Fish Hawk to the south will impact the roadway network.

Mr. Stines asked Mr. Gordon whether there were any plans to widen Lithia-Pinecrest. Mr. Gordon stated that the MPO Plan calls for a two lane enhanced facility, which usually means that there will be turn lanes, left turn pockets, maybe some deceleration lanes that helps the capacity to some degree, but the plan does not call for four lanes. Mr. Gordon does not expect the level of service on Lithia-Pinecrest to increase.

Ms. Swisshelm stated that her concerns of proximity to the schools were allayed when she saw the position of the Bloomingdale High School in reference to the site. It was not as close as she had visualized it from the drawings. But when she saw the school at Lithia, that was a greater concern regarding the parking.

Ms. Swisshelm asked Mr. Stines what his recommendation would be. Mr. Stines responded the Bloomingdale site for the following reasons: (1) Visibility, it would give the library the same type of visibility as at the Keel Library. (2) The cost, the savings will make a difference in the projected $3.4 million needed to operate all the construction projects that are under way. (3) The amount of land, the possibility of working with Center Place and taking some of the burden off of the Brandon Regional. (4) The density of the population around the Bloomingdale site. Fish Hawk is currently less dense than Bloomingdale.

Mr. Stines reminded the Library Board that it voted last year to add to their Future Unmet Needs list an unfunded library in Fish Hawk.

Ms. Swisshelm stated that she wished the Library Board had this information at their last meeting. The Board needs to have this information before they can make a site selection.

Ms. O'Rourke asked Mike Kelly whether there was any land available in the area of the new high school in Upper Tampa Bay. Mr. Kelly responded that the School Board had not offered any land. Since the Board's last meeting where they instructed him to proceed with negotiations for Upper Tampa Bay, he has reached a verbal agreement with the representatives of the Westchase site. It is on budget and has a better access plan than the maps originally showed. The next step is to negotiate a contract. Mr. Kelly has also spoken to the representative of the Nine Eagles site and is in the beginning stages of negotiations. Mr. Kelly's goal is to present a contract on the Westchase site to the Library Board at their September meeting.

Ms. Reeder asked for an update on the West Tampa project. Swati Bose, Manager, Architectural Services responded. The West Tampa project is on schedule. There is a work order issued for the roofing and the repointing of the brick. The county has received approval to lease a 35-ft. strip for parking. The Design Committee has had several meetings and the project is moving rapidly. Drawings should be available by October. However, these will have to be reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee since this is a historic building. Ms. Bose will inform the Library Board when the meetings are scheduled.


Dr. Scheuerle passed out a news article about the Internet and filtering for the Board's information. No comments were made.

Renaming of the Peninsular Library - there has been a request to rename the Peninsular Library the Charles J. Fendig Public Library. Mr. Stines stated that at the August 2 Budget Hearing, Commissioner Chris Hart made a motion to rename the Peninsular Library. The Commissioner requested that this item be placed on the September 5 BOCC agenda. Charles J. Fendig was a member of the Tampa Public Library Board from 1955 to 1973. An information sheet was distributed to the Board describing activities during the time Mr. Fendig was involved with the Public Library Board. Mr. Fendig has been described as the person responsible for the branch system. Mr. Fendig was on the Library Board when the first state aid was offered to all the counties serving entire counties. He also was on the Library Board during the time when the early branches were built and while Mrs. Quintella Bruton was working to unite the county and the city systems in 1961. Mr. Fendig was also heavily involved in acquiring public art for the libraries.

Ms. Ross read the Library Board's Naming Policy and asked whether Commissioner Hart's request would allow the Board to follow its procedure. The Bylaws Committee will meet on August 30 at 5:00 p.m. at the John F. Germany Library to review the request. It will be the first item on the agenda at the Special Meeting on August 30.

Ms. Ross made the motion, that the Board write a letter of appreciation to Helen Levine thanking her for her efforts. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Stines introduced Victorene Jackson, Seminole Heights Branch, and Rodrigo Diaz, Ruskin Branch members of the Leadership Institute Program. Library Services was awarded the Hillsborough County 2001 Department Award for Diversified Workforce Achievement for demonstrated commitment to equal opportunity.

The Talking Books Library has received a bequest of approximately $42,000. These funds will be added to the FY 03 Talking Books budget.

Board Orientation for new members is tentatively scheduled for September18.

David Wullschleger updated the Board regarding the Lutz Library. Last year the BOCC approved funding for the expansion of several libraries including Lutz. It was built in 1970 and is currently 7,000 sq. ft and will be expanded to 12,000 sq. ft. The County has hired an architect for the expansion, which will include refurbishing of the existing library. The expansion will include: a larger children's area, combine the Circulation and Reference Desks to create one service point, a computer lab, ADA accessible restrooms, improve the staff work room, and increase the space for books.

The Architectural Services Department is conducting repairs of the skylights and roof leaks.

Ms. Swisshelm suggested that a larger flag be placed in front of the John F. Germany Library.




Meeting adjourned at 5:45pm

Next Library Board Meeting:
         Date: September 27, 2001
         Time: 4pm-6pm
         Location: Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library

                 - Unless notified otherwise

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