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Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Board



Chairman Sandra Cameron called the meeting to order at 4:07 p.m. A quorum was present.


Library Board Members Present:
Sandra Cameron, Ian Greig
Dora Reeder, Anniece Ross
Kay O'Rourke, William Scheuerle
Helen Swisshelm
Library Board Excused:
Cathy Bartolotti, Mary Sherman
Josephine Gracia
Library Board Absent:

Library Staff Present:
Joe Stines, Director of Libraries
David Wullschleger, Operations & Technology
Linda Gillon, Staff & Administrative Support

Suzanne George, Facilities Coordinator
Jackie Zebos, Administrative Services
Barbara Marquette, Administrative Assistant

Special Guests:

Members of the Public:



The minutes from the December 5, 2000 Library Board meeting were approved as written.




David Burge - President FOL New Tampa Regional Library welcomed the members of the Library Board. Mr. Burge asked that the Board consider expanding the New Tampa Library by 5,000 sq. ft.



Chairman, Kay O'Rourke reported that the committee had short-listed sites for South Brandon and Upper Tampa Bay. Joe Stines reported that Mike Kelly, Director of Real Estate, worked with the Board siting document as well as county criteria to evaluate each site. Seven sites for the Brandon area and six sites for Upper Tampa Bay were brought to the committee for review and short-listing. Four sites were identified for each library. Mike Kelly will start negotiations and set public siting meetings in each community. Bill Scheuerle commented that the Committee had some reservations about one of the Brandon sites and so when Mr. Kelly negotiates with the owners there are some caveats that he has to follow. Joe Stines stated that the three of the Upper Tampa Bay sites border Racetrack Rd. and the fourth is at Countryway and Linebaugh. In Brandon there are two sites along Bloomingdale, one at Nature's Way, and one to the south next to the Lithia Springs Elementary School.

Chairman Kay O'Rourke stated that on January 13th that someone had stolen landscaping materials from the Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library. The Certificate of Occupancy was officially turned over to the County on January 20th, and the official name is the Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library. Joe Stines stated that the process of moving from the old building to the new building would begin on February 3rd. The library will reopen approximately February 14th. The dedication date is to be determined, maybe March. Helen Swisshelm asked whether the timetable for Brandon and Upper Tampa Bay were the same. Joe Stines responded that the completion dates were the same; however, land negotiations could slow one or the other.

Ms. Swisshelm asked Mike Kelly, Director of Real Estate, to review the sites for the audience. Mike Kelly stated that at the last meeting the Board had defined the boundaries and as a result the Real Estate Department had identified seventeen sites, some with citizen input. An internal team made up of an architect, a GIS mapping expert, a real estate appraiser, and a land planner used the criteria and short-listed the seventeen sites to six sites that were presented to the Planning Committee. The Planning Committee then short-listed that to four sites.

1   S. Side of Racetrack Rd. intersection of S. Mobley Rd.
3   NW Corner, Racetrack Rd. and Nine Eagles Dr.
4   N side of Racetrack Rd., Westerly of Nine Eagles Dr.
5   Out Parcel, N. side Countryway Blvd., W of Publix

The four sites they recommended for Upper Tampa Bay were Site #1 east-side of Racetrack Rd.; the property is presently being rezoned and there is an opportunity to participate with the developer in his plans a library complex. Site #3 and #4 are in the proximity of Nine Eagles Drive and Racetrack Rd. This site is attractive because the school board is going to develop a school in that area so there is the possibility for co-location. The owner of Site 4 seems very cooperative and has a vision of creating a complex with a school, a library, and a park. There is environmental land in the area. Site #5 is located on the north side of Linebaugh Ave. next to Publix. This site will have a high price tag so the Real Estate Department will speak to the developer.

1   E. of Lithia Springs Elementary School
3   N. side of Bloomingdale Ave., W side of Bloomingdale High School
5   N. side of Bloomingdale Ave., E of Lithia-Pinecrest Rd.
6   Nature's Way Property

The same process was followed for the Brandon area. Real Estate identified a number of sites and short-listed them. Site #1 is next to an elementary school and offers an opportunity for co-location. Site #3 is west of Bloomingdale High School. The county is building a mitigation storm water system on the corner of this property so there is an opportunity to site the library so that it overlooks the mitigation area. Bloomingdale Ave. is currently under construction and would provide additional access to and from the library. Site #6 is county property in Nature's Way (approximately 30 acres).

The Water Department has declared this land as surplus. It is located west of the Alafia Elementary School, has a small amount of access to Nature's Way, and a 50-foot access road to Bloomingdale Ave. Wetland areas surround it to the east so there is an opportunity to create a park/library system. This property was selected because the selection committee felt there would be a lot of pedestrian and bicycle traffic to this location. Site #5 is to the east of the Bloomingdale Ave. Lithia Pinecrest Rd. intersection. This is the most centrally located site. This is the site that was conditioned upon the county acquiring four to five acres of land that has good visibility and access. The County anticipates the price to be high because of its proximity to the intersection.

Helen Swisshelm asked Mr. Kelly to point out the developments on the map for Upper Tampa Bay.


The Capital Projects Request List was discussed. Bill Scheuerle moved that the Board change number two to three and number three to two. Ian Greig seconded the motion. Bill Scheuerle amended the motion to include rewording of number three, number four, and number six for clarity and that the updated list should be forwarded to the Budget Department. Dora Reeder seconded the amended motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Joe Stines reported that the Library's budget is due March 2nd. He commented that the Charter Review Committee has discussed a cap and that if it were to be put into effect, it would greatly impact our building of new libraries without drastic cuts to the rest of the system. Helen Swisshelm asked whether Joe was going to appear before the Charter Review Board. He stated that he was not, but that the Board members individually or collectively could do so. Mr. Greig asked whether it would be beneficial for the Library Board Chairman to meet with the Committee. Mr. Stines stated that it would be useful if the Board sent a letter from the Chairman to the Review Committee stating their concern about the impact such a move would have on the library building program. Mr. Greig stated that the Library Board should stress that the BOCC has promised the citizens these new libraries and has budgeted for their construction and outline the impact. Mr. Stines stated that the cap recommendation would have to go to the general public for a vote and if that were to happen, then the Library would have to inform the voters. However, the BOCC could make an exception to the Library Taxing District. A wait and see approach was agreed upon.

The Budget Committee will meet at 2:00 p.m. on February 15, 2001 at the John F. Germany Library.


Policies and By-Laws Committee: Chairman, Dora Reeder asked Joe Stines to report. The Policies and By-Laws Committee met on December 27.

Alcohol Abuse Policy-the County passed a new policy on use of County-owned property and property controlled, leased, or managed by the County. The only exception they will allow is to the libraries. It was staff's recommendation to the committee that the Board adopt the county's policy as the library's policy and the committee and staff would write a procedure to implement the county's policy. Bill Scheuerle stated that is might be difficult to have a function, due to extended hours, when the library is not open. For example, the Friends could have a function in the auditorium but the policy would prohibit it because the library is open. Assistant County Attorney, Linda Davidson will provide a clarification of Section #3 of the BOCC's policy at the February meeting. Adoption was deferred until clarification is received.

Naming of Public Library Facilities - Discussion of Section 4.4 page 2 General Requirements in all cases the final name recommended or nominated should but is not required to include as a part thereof the phrase "public library." The committee wanted to make the point that it should always be considered, but in practicality the Board has already named several libraries without it. Linda Davidson stated that if you use the words "must include" or "shall include," you limit yourself, particularly in view of the fact that there are libraries that are not in compliance with the policy. The phrase "should but not required to" was used to make it clear that in all instances the preference is that it would include the phrase "public library." The Board has control over the naming and can include the phrase "public library." Linda's concern was in cases where it is inappropriate to use the phrase "public library" and the Board wants the option not to have "public library" required as part of the name. Sandra Cameron cited as an example the Plant City Library, which was changed to James D. and Quintilla B. Bruton Memorial Library and has been changed to Bruton Memorial. Joe Stines stated that there are two instances when the words public library were not used at the Port Tampa City Library and the 78th Street Community Library.

Helen Swisshelm questioned why it was in the Policy. Anniece Ross responded that one of the reasons was that when the John F. Germany Public Library was renamed the John F. Germany Library, Mr. Germany stated that he would like the use of the words of "public library." It is especially beneficial when naming a library after a corporation i.e. Citicorp Library vs. Citicorp Public Library or Raymond James Library or Raymond James Public Library. Ms. Ross was in favor of using "should," stating that exceptions to the policy could be made. Ms. O'Rourke asked whether "public" should be included in the Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library. Joe Stines responded that it is not used with the regional libraries. Ms. Swisshelm stated that she liked "in all instances where it is desirable to have the phrase in there." Dr. Scheuerle stated that the Board should not call attention to the fact that you don't have to use the phrase "public library" and "should" means that you should do it but you don't necessarily have to. He agreed that the "should" be kept. Anniece Ross stated that the Review Committee should be changed to Policy and By-Laws Committee throughout the document. Ms. Ross read Section 1.4 and stated that there are four audiences for this document:

  1. To assist the Library Board in carrying out its duties to review and recommend a name
  2. To enable the BOCC to refer all such requests to the Library Board
  3. To inform potential donors of what their commemorative options are
  4. To inform the public at large as to the elements of the naming process

Dr. Scheuerle agreed with the proposed changes. Joe Stines stated that it made the purpose of the policy clearer.


Ian Greig made the motion that the Naming Policy be sent back to committee for further review. Bill Scheuerle seconded.

      - The motion passed unanimously.

Dress Code Policy - Discussion of the policy followed regarding business attire and casual Friday and the weekend. Monday through Thursday business attire is appropriate and Friday through Sunday casual attire is appropriate.


Helen Swisshelm made the motion to approve the dress code policy. Bill Scheuerle seconded the motion.

      - The motion passed unanimously.




Chairman, Ian Greig stated that there had not been any public meetings and he had no other information. Joe Stines stated that the next meeting of the Cultural Committee is scheduled for February 6 at 7:00 p.m. at the University of Tampa and that they have been given a time certain with the BOCC for 11:00 a.m. on February 7. Mr. Greig encouraged all the Board members to attend the February 6th meeting as the Committee will be presenting their final plan.

Joe Stines received a request from George Howell, President of the Board of Directors, History Center, asking for a letter of support. He stated that this would have to come from the Library Board and/or the Friends of the Library. He suggested that Board members speak to the Cultural Committee in terms of the concept of the History Center working with the John F. Germany Library and the Performing Arts Center and all the other arts. Mr. Greig was not in favor of that recommendation. No motion was made to respond to the History Center.




FY 2001 Legislative Session Update deferred to February 15, 2001


Joe Stines received a letter from Mrs. Touchton regarding the wording for the Jan K. Platt Regional Library meeting room sign. Sandra Cameron read a letter she received from Pat Frank thanking the Board for providing a copy of the letter to Commissioner Norman.

Staff Development Day- Linda Gillon, Manager Staff and Administrative Support, invited the Board to attend on February 19, 2001 at the John F. Germany Library. She stated that the Board members could attend for half of the day or the full day. The theme is "Humor in the Workplace." All libraries will be closed on that day. Since February 19th is Presidents' Day the public assumes that the library is closed, so it is less disruptive to the public.

Linda Davidson, Assistant County Attorney offered to do a presentation on new legislation dealing with requirements restricting Internet access in public libraries and public schools that receive e-rate and LSTA funds.

Bill Scheuerle commented that 94 people in December and 203 people in November requested unfiltered access. The maximum wait in December was 55 minutes and November was 40 minutes. That may tell us that we need more Internet computers.




Meeting adjourned at 6:20pm

Next Library Board Meeting:
         Date: February 15, 2001
         Time: 4pm-6pm
         Location: John F. Germany Public Lbrary

                 - Unless notified otherwise

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