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James Martin, Jr., Vice-Chair
William Scheuerle, Secretary
Phone: (813) 273-3660
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Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Board



Ms. Swisshelm, Vice Chairman called the meeting to order. Mr. Corwin was welcomed and the Board members introduced themselves.


Library Board Members Present:
Helen Swisshelm, Kay O'Rourke
Alma Hires, Laura Vickers
Mary Silver, Dora Reeder
Sandra Cameron, Margaret Fisher
Edward Corwin, John Hinton

Library Board Excused:
William Scheuerle

Library Board Absent:
James Harkins

Library Staff Present:
Joe Stines, Director, Library Services
Marcee Challener, Manager, Public Service
David Wullschleger, Manager, Operations & Technology
Assistant County Attorney, Linda Davidson

Jackie Zebos, Administrative Services
Suzy George, Facilities Officer
Barbara Marquette, Administrative Assistant


Special Guests:


Members of the Public:



The Library Board committee assignments were reviewed. Mr. Corwin and Mr. Hinton have been assigned to the Budget Committee. Ms. Swisshelm stated that if any one wished to serve on another committee to please let her know.

Mr. Stines explained to the new members that the Library Board year begins at the end of the July meeting and that this was the first meeting with the new officers.

Bill Scheuerle is the Chairman, and has been excused as he is teaching this semester in London and will not be back until December. Helen Swisshelm is Vice-Chair, and Alma Hires is Secretary.

Dr. Hires stated that she and Margaret Fisher were appointed to the Public Art Liaison committee representing West Tampa. A corrected list will be included in the next mailing.

Ms. Swisshelm asked for a motion from the floor to approve the minutes as presented. Ms. Reeder made the motion to accept the July 25, 2002 minutes. Dr. Hires seconded. The motion passed unanimously.









    Joint with Budget Committee. See below:


    The Budget and Planning Committees held a joint meeting on August 20th at the Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library. Ms. Cameron stated that Mr. Stines provided them with an update on the construction projects and reviewed the July expenditures. Management and Budget Department Director, Eric Johnson reported on the proposed FY03 budget and shared a multi-year budget projection in regard to the Library Taxing District.

    Ms. Cameron asked Mr. Stines to update the Board on the South County Regional, Turkey Creek, and Town n' Country projects. Mr. Stines started with Mr. Johnson's report. He gave the new members the following background information: last October the BOCC funded the building of the South Brandon Library and the Upper Tampa Bay libraries, as well as advancing all other funded library projects with the exception of West Tampa (FY03) and North Tampa (FY06) and allocated five million dollars to the Library's construction fund. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Johnson informed the Library Board that there might be a possible need to borrow funds.

    Mr. Johnson presented the Committees with an updated Proforma that shows that the economy in Hillsborough County is still very strong. The Proforma projects a surplus of approximately $700,000 after the Upper Tampa Bay and South Brandon libraries are opened. However, Mr. Stines received a memo from Dan Klein, Budget Services, Manager, that indirect costs would be raised $500,000 in the next fiscal year. Indirect costs are transferred from the Library Taxing District to the General Fund to cover services provided by the County for the Library (i. e. County Attorney, Human Resources, etc.). Mr. Stines will meet with Dan Klein to discuss this increase and will ask him to make a presentation to the Library Board's Budget Committee.

    Mr. Stines updated the Board on the following construction projects:

    Upper Tampa Bay - West Gate
    Following a tour of the Town n' Country area Mr. Kleman gave his approval to move ahead on the planning work for the Upper Tampa Bay and South Brandon Libraries. Mr. Kleman has made it clear that since the BOCC has funded and approved the community-based plan they would expect any County buildings in that area to be incorporated into that plan. Mr. Stines stated that as a result of this tour it has become clear that all future planning should be in sync with any community based planning. This could give the Library Board more support when making recommendations to the BOCC.

    Ms. Swisshelm asked that the staff review, for the new members, budget fundamentals at the next Budget Committee meeting.

    South County (SouthShore) The architects have held several meetings with staff, citizens, and Library Board members asking for input on the 40,000-sq. ft. regional library. When this library is completed the Library Board will have accomplished its goal of having a regional library in each quadrant of the County.

    Turkey Creek
    Mr. Stines explained that the alumni of the Turkey Creek Elementary School had approached the Library Board asking them to renovate the building as a library. As this is one of the original Strawberry schools it has been declared a historic building. The School Board has remodeled the middle school that is around it but chose not to use this building. As this is a very good geographic location for the future, the Planning Committee has asked for a structural analysis and is recommending that the building be stabilized and considered for future use. It might be useful as an E-Library.

    Ms. Swisshelm asked Mr. Stines to explain what an E-Library is for the benefit of the new board members. Mr. Stines stated that the Library System received grant money to create a bank of computers in rural recreation centers. These computers are electronically tied into the main library and provide the same services that are available there. The Gates foundation awarded several grants to the Library System to add more computers. Additional grants have funded two staff members to tutor and train volunteers and recreation center staff to teach others to use these computers. Currently there are twelve E-libraries around the county. With the exception of two, all are in County owned facilities, i.e. Parks and Recreation centers and senior centers.

    West Tampa
    Ground breaking for the 5,000-sq. ft. addition at West Tampa is scheduled for September 23rd at 2:00 p.m. A historic preservation grant has been received for the refurbishment of the windows of the original building. Mr. Stines will bring the West Tampa Friends of the Library up to date at their September 9th meeting.

    College Hill
    Due to air quality problems College Hill has been closed since July 25th. An environmental study has been completed and Facilities and Architectural Services have been working together to replace the air handler, and part of the duct work. It is anticipated that the library will reopen in two - three weeks. Services and children's programs are being provided at the Sylvia Rodriguez Kimball Center.

    The Library Board voted at the July meeting to have Facilities Management and Architectural Services to find ways to prevent air quality problems. Real Estate Director, Mike Kelly has made these commitments:

    1. A consultant will be hired for every new building to render a second opinion of the air conditioning system. They will ensure that humidity levels are appropriate for a library environment before the building opens.

    2. The New Tampa Library will be used as a model in the contracting of outside air conditioning service vendors. Ms. Swisshelm stressed that the Board will review this item on a monthly basis and requested that Mr. Stines document air quality information in writing in his director's report.

    3. Facilities Management has assigned a staff member to conduct air quality tests at all library sites.

    4. Direct staff to work toward enhanced library air conditioning specifications (buying only chiller systems not split systems).

    5. In FY03, all library bathrooms will be renovated replacing the existing fixtures with water saving fixtures. The Library cleaning contract, with specifications that were written by the Library, is out for bid. Those specifications include that the carpet company will conduct workshops for the cleaning contractors detailing how to care for the Library's carpets.


    Ms. Swisshelm asked Ms. Reeder to chair this committee. Ms. Reeder agreed.

    Mr. Stines stated that he felt it was important for the Internet Ad Hoc Subcommittee to meet. Ms. Silver stated that since she and Ms. Vickers were relatively new to the Board they would be more comfortable having an experienced member on the Internet Ad Hoc Subcommittee. Ms. Davidson suggested someone who was familiar with the history of the policy be appointed. Ms. Swisshelm stated that the Subcommittee was not being asked to write a new policy but to review the existing policy against the new laws, court decisions, and to determine whether the Board's policy is in compliance. Library staff will be available to assist the subcommittee and will provide an information packet. Ms. Reeder and Ms. O'Rourke agreed to join the Subcommittee. Ms. Vickers was appointed Chair.

    Ms. O'Rourke asked Ms. Davidson if it would be permissible to contact former Library Board members for their notes on the Internet Policy. Ms. Davidson responded in the affirmative.












Dr. Hires asked whether any notices were being sent out to alert citizens of the change in location for the programs that were scheduled at the College Hill Library. Mr. Stines stated that press releases had been sent to the newspapers and flyers were being distributed at the neighborhood service centers.

Ms. Swisshelm stated that the statistics show that use of the library's computers has increased by 41 percent and stated that the Internet Use Ad Hoc Subcommittee meeting is very timely.

Mr. Stines stated statistics are up at almost all of the libraries and that Brandon had checked out 75,000 books in one month. The old record was 60,000+ in one month.

Mr. Stines announced that Ms. Jerri Zelinski who was instrumental in the development of the New Tampa Regional Library had recently passed away. A newspaper article was distributed.

Ms. Cameron stated that the letter attached to the Director's Report from the SouthShore Roundtable identifying the umbrella group was very informative.


Budget Committee - Thursday, September 26 at 2:30pm in the John F. Germany Boardroom (4th floor).

Planning Committee - Thursday, September 19 at 2:00pm in the John F. Germany Boardroom (4th floor).

Policy & Bylaws Internet Use Ad Hoc Subcommittee - Thursday, September 12 at 2:00pm in the John F. Germany Boardroom (4th floor).

Library Board - Thursday, September 26 at 4:00pm in the John F. Germany Public Library, Boardroom (4th floor).


The meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm.

Next Library Board Meeting:
         Date: September 26, 2002
         Time: 4pm-6pm
         Location: John F. Germany Public Library

                 - Unless notified otherwise

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