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900 North Ashley Drive
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James Martin, Jr., Vice-Chair
William Scheuerle, Secretary
Phone: (813) 273-3660
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Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Board



Dr. Scheuerle called the meeting to order.


Library Board Members Present:
William Scheuerle, Helen Swisshelm
Kay O'Rourke, Alma Hires
Laura Vickers, Mary Silver
Dora Reeder

Library Board Excused:
Sandra Cameron, Margaret Fisher

Library Board Absent:

Library Staff Present:
Joe Stines, Director, Library Services
Marcee Challener, Manager, Public Service
Linda Gillon, Manager, Staff & Administrative Support
Assistant County Attorney, Susan Fisher

Suzy George, Facilities Officer
Gina DuBois, Administrative Services
Barbara Marquette, Administrative Assistant


Special Guests:

Rob Blount, CEO/President, Tampa Bay History Center

Members of the Public:



Ms. Swisshelm made the motion to accept the June 27, 2002 minutes. Dr. Hires seconded. The motion passed unanimously.




Rob Blount, CEO/President, Tampa Bay History Center was introduced. Mr. Blount addressed the Library Board about developing collaborative programs, and the sharing of electronic information between the Library and the History Center.

Mr. Stines stated that the History Center and the University of South Florida are sponsoring a series of local history programs, one of which was held at THPL.



    Ms. Reeder made the motion to nominate Bill Scheuerle, Chair; Helen Swisshelm, Vice Chair; Alma Hires, Secretary. Nominations from the floor were requested. There were no other nominations. The Board approved the nominations as presented.

    Dr. Scheuerle stated that for the past year the committees have been meeting monthly. He suggested that they consider meeting quarterly. He also stated that new committee members would be added after the BOCC appointments are made.


    Turkey Creek
    The Turkey Creek elementary school has been placed on the State Historic Register. Currently there is not sufficient population to warrant a library but the location is very good. Three bids have been received to conduct a structural analysis of the building. They range from $2,000 to $6,000 and would include a feasibility study and analysis of the existing structure. It will also provide a report indicating structural members that would require immediate repair or replacement and cost estimates for the repairs. It was the consensus of the committee to proceed with the analysis.

    University Park
    Senator Victor Crist hosted the dedication of the University Area community center complex on June 22, 2002. An elementary school and a career center are being constructed in the area. Library Services could operate the school's media center after school, in the evenings, and on weekends as a children's library. The bookmobile is currently serving the Center.

    West Tampa
    Eight construction companies have bid on the West Tampa expansion. As the new building progresses another contract will be awarded for final renovations to the existing building. Renovation of the windows will be completed using a State Preservation grant during 2003. There is an agreement with the meat market to improve the parking lot and they would allow staff and/or patrons to park there. The Real Estate Department is negotiating for two or three vacant properties across Union Street that could be used for additional parking. Groundbreaking is scheduled for September 23.

    D. W. Waters
    Dr. Greggo, Assistant Superintendent for Adult Education, would like to have an e-library at the D. W. Waters Career Center. Library Services has agreed to show the Center's staff and teachers how to sign students up for library cards. This will give the students access to library products through our website. Both school officials and Mr. Stines agreed to hold off discussing opening an e-library to the public until six months has passed with the school in full operation.

    West Gate
    Currently the West Gate expansion is still in the discussion stage. Mr. Kleman would like to see the library in a town center. Israel Grajales has designed a campus of government buildings including the Library, Aging Services, and Head Start. There is a meeting with the Town n' Country citizens on July 25th to continue the discussion of the town center concept.

    The proposed Brandon Main Street plan includes a new larger Brandon Library. Once the plan is adopted Mr. Stines will ask Planning and Growth Management to speak to the Planning Committee about the plan. The Interlocal agreement with Center Place states that if the Library moves, the building would belong to Center Place. Mr. Stines indicated that eventually it may be proposed that the County sell the building to the medical community and that the proceeds could go to build a new library and/or Center Place at Main Street. Ms. Cameron stated that several people who have gone to Center Place have never gone to the library or they have gone to the library but have never gone to Center Place.

    Capital Improvement Project
    Each year the BOCC updates the Capital Improvement Program as part of the budget process. On Thursday, July 25th there will be a final meeting for FY03. Commissioners will approve revisions or the addition of new projects at this meeting. Mr. Stines doesn't expect any changes for Library Services.

    Upper Tampa Bay
    A sign will be erected at the site stating that it is the "Future Site of the Upper Tampa Bay Library". The projected completion date has been moved to April FY05 due to the prolonged property negotiations which led to a delayed closing. This change is included in the BOCC's updated CIP proposal.

    South County
    The architectural firm of Gould Evans has been approved by the BOCC. Conceptual planning meetings are scheduled for July 29th and 30th in Ruskin. Sandra Cameron will be attending the July 29th meeting. It is estimated that it will take a minimum of one year to complete the design.

    College Hill
    Structural problems have been detected. The brick is separating from the walls at the ceiling. The walls and the foundation are cracking. We have been told that the problems are cosmetic and can be repaired. Historical information indicates that there were three to five feet of debris on this site prior to construction leading the engineers to believe that it was a landfill. Most of the debris was steel girders however, the site was cleared before construction began and the boring samples came back within normal limits. The situation is not desperate, but we are cautious and hoping for the best. The structural engineer has stated that the building is safe and that the damage is cosmetic. There is vertical settling of one corner that is causing a ripple effect throughout the building. They will benchmark the settling to determine if the foundation is unstable. This is not a result of poor construction but of settling.

    There is also an air quality issue. An outside consultant is developing a proposal on how we should proceed. This issue is not related to the above structural concern.

    The College Hill Library has been closed until air quality tests and decontamination is completed. Ms. Swisshelm asked whether the air conditioning contractor was the same for each of the library sites. Mr. Stines stated that they are different companies. A discussion of the different problems that have affected other sites followed.

    Ms. Swisshelm made the motion that based on past and current problems with air conditioning systemwide, the Library Board very strongly recommends that the County consider other maintenance options for air conditioning systems. One option could be hiring outside contractors to conduct maintenance systemwide. The Library Board requested a report by October 24, 2002. Ms. O'Rourke seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


    No meeting. Mr. Stines reported on the update of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The BOCC continues its FY03 budget process and there are still several flagged items. No Library projects have been flagged. New elevators for the John F. Germany Library have been added to the FY03 CIP proposal. August 1 is the next BOCC budget discussion.

    Anticipated opening dates for CIP projects are:

    Lutz expansion - October 2004
    Upper Tampa Bay - April 2005
    South Brandon - April 2005
    *West Tampa - December 2003
           *Groundbreaking: September 23, 2002 / 2pm
    South Brandon Regional - June 2006
    West Gate expansion - October 2006

    Eric Johnson, Director, Management and Budget will present an updated Proforma to the Budget Committee on August 20 at the Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library at 2:00 p.m. Ms. O'Rourke suggested a joint meeting of the Budget and Planning Committees since their work is so interconnected.


    Dr. Scheuerle read from the June 27th minutes. Mrs. Reeder has agreed to be the acting chair. The Committee requested at the June meeting that the Chairman convene the Internet Use Ad Hoc Subcommittee to determine if Library Policy and Procedure #307 are in compliance with the court's decision. Laura Vickers and Mary Silver were appointed. Dr. Scheuerle stated that the committee did not feel that there was a definitive court decision. Assistant County Attorney, Susan Fisher stated that she would coordinate with Assistant County Attorneys, Linda Davidson and Stephen Todd to work with Ms. Vickers and Ms. Silver.

    Mr. Stines stated that Ms. Davidson and Mr. Todd are aware of the district court ruling on the CIPA law and the Patriots Act. The FBI has not approached the library on any issue that might relate to terrorism. However, the library has cooperated with the FBI on Internet problems in the past. In each case, they have been referred to the County Attorney's Office, which has reviewed the judicial paperwork before any information has been turned over. This will continue to be the Library's procedure.

    Dr. Scheuerle stated that the Committee has asked staff to review the Library Board's Naming Policy and to add very general language about community or public input. Also, there was a discussion about whether the donation policy was in compliance with County Policy. Staff will review the policies and discuss recommendations with the Committee.

    Dr. Scheuerle stated that during the committee meeting a question came up about the ownership of library buildings. For example, the former Northwest Library that was a County building and built with Library funds. Was the Library Taxing District reimbursed when the County took over the building? Mr. Stines responded that based on the appraised value of the property the County determines the amount that would be reimbursed to the Library Taxing District. According to State Law the John F. Germany building belongs to the City of Tampa but is available for library use. The same is true for the Fendig, North Tampa, Seminole, and Ybor libraries. The West Tampa and the Port Tampa Library have been deeded to the County. Everything built in the County and those that have recently been built within the city limits, such as the Jan Platt Library are County buildings. Dr. Scheuerle asked if the County and not the Library owned County built buildings. Could the County do anything they want with those buildings if the library moves or closes? Mr. Stines replied not if Library Taxing District funds were used to build the libraries. It is based on where the original funding came from for both the land and for the construction.

    The Alcohol Use Procedure was distributed to the Library Board for approval. Ms. Swisshelm made the motion to accept the procedure. Discussion followed and the motion was amended to include the statement "The request is approved/or denied" on the application form. Add the signatures of the Library Director and the Library Board Chairman. This application also will be used as the notification to the applicant. Ms. Reeder seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Ms. Swisshelm stated that the Board greatly appreciates the work of Anniece Ross on this project.

    Dr. Scheuerle stated that since the Policy and Bylaws Committee has completed its review of the Duties, they now would like to review other sections of the Bylaws and the Special Act. The review will be postponed until new Board members have been appointed.












County Administrator, Daniel Kleman is working closely with the Supervisor of Elections, Pam Iorio on the upcoming elections. County employees will be granted Civil Leave to work at the polls. Twenty staff members have volunteered.

Patrice Koerper and Julia Armstrong, Public Relations and Partnerships gave the Board a tour of Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative's (HCPLC) web pages and the services offered. This is a joint project between the Tampa Hillsborough Public Library, Bruton Memorial Library, and the Tempe Terrace Public Library. A series of posters are being designed to promote the web page. These will be displayed in all the libraries. The Public Relations campaign will involve media, in-house production and promotions via schools, aging centers, etc.

Mr. Stines stated that the statistics summary page shows there were 1.7 million hits to the web page in June and 12.4 million year-to-date.


Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative - August 15 at 2pm at the John F. Germany Library, Boardroom

Budget Committee/Planning Committee -Tuesday, August 20 at 2:30pm at the Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library

Policy & Bylaws Committee - There will be no meeting in August.

Library Board - Thursday, August 22 at 4pm at the Ybor City Public Library


The meeting was adjourned at 5:00pm.

Next Library Board Meeting:
         Date: August 22, 2002
         Time: 4pm-6pm
         Location: Ybor City Branch Library

                 - Unless notified otherwise

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