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William Scheuerle, Secretary
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Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Board



Mrs. Vickers called the meeting to order AT 4:00 P.M.. A quorum was present.

Mrs. Vickers congratulated Mr. Stines on his twenty years of service with Hillsborough County.


Library Board Members Present:
Laura Vickers, Chair
Dora Reeder, Ted Corwin
James Martin, Sandra Cameron
Alma Hires, William Scheuerle
Jim Johnson, Helen Swisshelm
James Harkins
Library Board Excused:
Margaret Fisher
Kay O'Rourke

Library Staff Present:
Joe Stines, Director, Library Services
Marcee Challener, Manager, Materials and Circulation Services
Linda Gillon, Manager, Programming
David Wullschleger, Manager, Operations
Jackie Zebos, Manager, Administrative and Reference Services

Suzy George, Chief Librarian
Jean Peters, Chief Librarian
Gina DuBois, Coordinator, Administrative Services and Grants
Linda Davidson, Assistant County Attorney
Barbara Marquette, Administrative Assistant

Special Guests:


Members of the Public:

Fred Hearns
Maureen Gauzza
Tom Van


Mr. Corwin stated that the minutes needed several corrections. The minutes were not approved.




Mr. Fred Hearns, President, Ada T. Payne Friends of the Library stated that the Gould Evans consultants presented two proposals to the Planning Committee for the renovation/expansion of the Robert W. Saunders, Sr. Public Library. After some discussion a third option was requested. Mr. Hearns stated that the Friends are aware that this project would have to be built in phases with private fund raising along with County and other funding. Mr. Hearns asked the Library Board to consider ranking this project higher on the Unfunded Needs List because of the strong partnership potential that exists with the School Board. He stated that an article in the March 24th Tampa Tribune stated that there were twenty-seven new housing developments planned or proposed in and around downtown Tampa and the Channel District.

Mr. Hearns stated that an additional 10,000 people live in this area and that the Robert W. Saunders and the John F. Germany Public Library were their two libraries. Mr. Hearns said that the Ada T. Payne Friends plan to attend the Budget Presentation on April 21st. He asked the Library Board to consider the partnership potential with the School Board.

Mr. Stines stated that there are Budget and Capital Improvement Program Public Hearing meetings are scheduled on June 9 and July 21, at for 6:00 p.m. Mr. Stines advised Mr. Hearns that the April 21 meeting with the County Administrator was for discussion of the operating budget only. At the public hearing meetings CIP is one of the major topics and this would be an appropriate time citizens of any community that are interested in a new library to let the BOCC know how they feel.

Maureen Gauzza, President, Friends of the Upper Tampa Bay Library stated that there was no mention of the Upper Tampa Regional Library expansion on the unfunded list. She also suggested that there be an Ad Hoc Planning Committee that dealt with expansion issues. Mr. Stines stated that the Master Plan will have every possible option outlined within the planning zones and would include the Upper Tampa Bay library expansion. Mr. Stines added that it would be up to the Library Board to add this project to the Unfunded List and that the Unfunded List is only projected for one year. Mrs. Gauzza also asked for an update on the installation of the art work and the signage for the library. Mr. Stines referred the matter to staff.

Tom Van, Turkey Creek Alumni Association distributed a draft of the presentation that the Alumni Association will be making to the BOCC on April 6. Mr. Van stated that the Association has been working for years to get a 1925 two-story historical building funded as a full service library. The School Board has completed exterior renovations but the building would need interior renovations to meet ADA requirements. Mr. Van was pleased to hear that the Turkey Creek project has moved up on the Unfunded Needs List. Mr. Stines stated that the Library Board had authorized him to contract a structural study of the building and that he is currently working with the School Board to explore a partnership.





    Co-Chair, Sandra Cameron stated that there was a revised copy of the Unfunded Needs List in the Board's packet. Mr. Stines stated that at the beginning of the budget process it was his understanding that the Unfunded Capital List could only be used for new projects. Later he was told that the unfunded list must include large ticket capital renovations. Such as, additional land for parking at the Riverview Library. The Brandon refurbishment was originally a decision unit but due to the total cost it has to be classified as a capital expenditure. Staff had advised the Planning Committee that items ten, eleven, and twelve dealing with the John F. Germany Library should be delayed until the structural study is received. The same is true of the New Tampa Regional Library. Staff is trying to determine if and why the warranty on the roof has been voided.

    Mr. Stines stated that in an effort to make the Master Plan more comprehensive staff have changed the Central Tampa label to Mid Tampa, especially since Central Tampa may mean something different to someone not familiar with the area. This name clarifies that the area is much broader than just downtown Tampa. Mr. Stines reminded the Committee that the Guiding Principles were applied to items one through eight and that all of these areas have been identified in the Master Plan as being below the square feet per capita standard. Discussion followed.

    Mr. Stines stated that it is BOCC Policy that all maintenance items get top priority over all building projects. If the Library Board wishes they can change the ranking of the list. Mrs. Vickers asked the members to vote on the recommended ranking by the Planning Committee. Discussion followed.

    Mrs. Cameron stated that the Planning Committee had not thought about changing the order of the projects to reflect new building projects first and then the maintenance projects. Mr. Stines stated that staff has already added the comment "need structural study" to items ten and eleven. This comment needs to be added to twelve as well. We need to have written documentation as to why the New Tampa Library roof warranty was voided. Dr. Scheuerle made the following suggestion, "Since we can make some of the Brandon refurbishments through maintenance money, that we move Brandon refurbishment down to nine or ten." Mrs. Vickers stated that she would also like to see whether the New Tampa roof replacement would have to be listed pending the warranty issue. Mr. Stines stated that with the Board's permission he would ask Mike Kelly, Director, Real Estate for a written letter to the Board explaining why the warranty has been voided. Mrs. Vickers called for the vote: All those in favor of accepting this list as written from the Planning Committee please signify by a show of hands. The Motion passed unanimously.

    Dr. Scheuerle made the motion to move number four East Urban - Brandon Refurbishment below number eight which is East Urban Planning Region - Fishhawk Library and to eliminate, at least at this time, number nine New Tampa Regional replacement of roof until we receive further information. Mr. Harkins seconded. Mrs. Vickers asked for the vote: "All those who wish to accept the changes as stated in Dr. Scheuerle's motion please signify by a show of hands." The motion passed unanimously.

    Loretta Ingraham Center - Mr. Stines briefed the Board on the Carver City/Lincoln Gardens request for public library service. A few years ago citizens from this community requested public library service. Staff held meetings with the public and looked at an older building off Spruce Street. The City passed a bond to redo all of their parks and recreation centers and the Loretta Ingraham Center was targeted to receive funding. The City went through several years with no action. We had applied for a grant to have a staff member from West Tampa work with that community as outreach but due to the inactivity from the City the grant was not funded. Recently Mr. Stines received a call that the City was ready to dedicate the building. Darlene Harris, Urban Libraries Librarian and Mr. Stines met with citizens and recruited volunteers to receive input on materials for the Center. There is a 500 square feet area designated for a library with two computers. There is a separate room for a computer lab where we will hold computer classes. Staff from West Tampa and E-Libraries will be managing this center as an outreach program. A new grant has been submitted to the State Library to fund personnel.


    Chair, Bill Scheuerle stated that Indirect Cost would be posted on the March report and an adjustment will be made next month to the Grants and Aids line item to cover a shortfall.

    Mr. Stines brought to the Committee information about the 3% Efficiency Summary. Copies were distributed and the process was discussed. Department Directors have been instructed by County Administration to identify efficiencies totaling 3% of their FY06 operating budget. 3% of the Library's FY06 budget is $987,257. Staff have identified $982,196 which is $5,061 short. The Assistant County Administrator and the Budget Department concur that this will be acceptable. In order to create these efficiencies the following changes are presented for the Library Board's approval.

    A Floating Collection - this is a demonstration project which Mrs. Challener initiated with best seller books. Mr. Stines proposed that the next item added to the Floating Collection be the audio/visual collection. This would mean that the Library would buy audio/visual items and have them cataloged and processed but they would not be assigned to any one branch. They would circulate to the branches where patrons had placed holds therefore, they would float. Currently we are paying $12,713 in shipping costs for drop shipment. This efficiency project would eliminate these costs. The proposal is to bring this to the County as an efficiency but with the understanding that we would not like to see that $12,000 cut from the book expenditures but, that it would be applied to buying more books and materials. Dr. Scheuerle stated that the Budget Committee voted to keep this on the list and to give it a "Yes" recommendation.

    The second item is the elimination of the Manager of Services and Evaluation position. This is one of five managerial positions, and six positions report to this manager. Those six positions would be incorporated into the Administration and Reference Section. The manager position is currently filled and the savings would be $116,024. Dr. Scheuerle stated that after much discussion the Committee voted unanimously to recommend that this item be included in the 3% Efficiencies Summary. There was a second Committee motion to designate this item with a "Yes" recommendation. This Committee vote was tied which means that the County Administrator may question this item.

    There will be no meeting held in April but the Committee asked that Board Members attend the Budget Presentation on April 21, 2005 at 9:00 a.m. at the County Center, 26th floor.

    Mrs. Swisshelm asked whether the Library Board had to approve the 3% Efficiencies Summary. Mr. Stines responded that currently the Committee has recommended that both of these items stay on the 3% list. He stated, "If you as a Board decide that one or both do not stay on the list staff would have to find a substitute."

    Mrs. Cameron asked whether there was a possibility that the 3% Efficiencies would not be considered. Mr. Stines stated that these items would be presented to County Administration as the Library Board's recommendation but that the final decision is up to the County Administrator.

    Mrs. Vickers called for the vote on the Budget Committee's recommendation that the two items be added to the 3% Efficiencies Summary. Discussion followed. The motion passed unanimously.

    Mrs. Vickers called for the vote on the "Yes" designation for the elimination of the Manager of Services and Evaluation position. This issue had received a tie vote from the Committee. Discussion followed. The Board motion passed eight to one.


    Chair, Alma Hires stated that the Committee recommends for approval the Limited Use Agreement received from the West Gate Friends of the Library to host an Art, Wine, and Music event on May 5th. The motion passed unanimously.








Public Art Project Update - Mr. Stines stated that he received a memo from Jan Stine dated February 17th. This is the memo that Mrs. Gauzza referred to in her comments. Mr. Stines has not been able to get any more information on these projects since that time. Mr. Corwin stated that the Lutz project is moving along. The dedication of the West Tampa art is ongoing. Mr. Stines stated that he will follow up on the West Tampa dedication.


Mrs. Swisshelm mentioned that the Friends of the Lutz Library are having a meeting on April 18th and the guest speaker is Bill Scheuerle. The Friends have been collecting books by Victorian writers and will hold a raffle that evening. Mrs. Swisshelm stated that a couple who have been library patrons for several years have donated a display case valued at $2,000. The Friends have also received two grants that will provide an irrigation system and plants for the site.

Mrs. Vickers reminded the Board Members that Alan Solenberger, Plant City, City Manager would be addressing the annexation plan for Plant City at the April 28th Library Board meeting and asked the members to forward their questions to Mr. Stines' office.

Mr. Johnson updated the Library Board on the Riverview parking project. He stated that he attended the Friends meeting and explained to them where the short-term parking spaces would be and that long-term plans were being developed. Mr. Johnson stated that he told them that a crosswalk was not feasible due to the fact that the funeral home owners did not wish to enter into an agreement with the County. The Friends asked Mr. Johnson to relay to the Library Board their appreciation for the Board's consideration of their concerns.

Mr. Harkins stated that at the February Planning Committee meeting he made the motion that the Chairman write a letter to Bob Gordon, Public Works, requesting support of a crosswalk and sidewalks for the Riverview Library. Mr. Stines stated that the letter had not been prepared. Mr. Johnson stated that since there is no license agreement with Funeral Home that the two properties could not be tied in. They have agreed that Library staff may use their parking lot but they did not agree to having a designated, marked crosswalk. Mr. Stines stated that staff would research the situation with the Real Estate Department and bring a recommendation to the Library Board.

Mrs. Vickers stated that a lovely reception was held for the dedication of the Dora Reeder Reading Room at the West Tampa Public Library. Mrs. Reeder expressed her appreciation to staff and the Board Members.

The Florida Public Library Report - Mr. Stines stated that this was a study that was conducted last year, based on surveys funded through the State Library, which found that Florida Public Libraries get a return of $6.54 for every one dollar invested in libraries. Since we participated we have the data for Hillsborough County and we plan to create a brochure that would explain what the return on investment is for Hillsborough County. Mr. Stines will schedule a brief presentation at a future meeting at which time he will ask for a motion that a cover letter from the Chairman be included with this brochure for mailing to the BOCC and the County Administrator. Mr. Harkins asked that a link be added to the website.


A printed director's report was not prepared. Mr. Stines distributed copies of the Library's Annual Report. He stated that Commissioner Storms has scheduled a 1:30 p.m. time certain for Wednesday, April 6 to discuss Turkey Creek. The Library's DVD collection will be discussed later at the same BOCC meeting. Some months ago there was a newspaper article stating that the Library is competing with Blockbuster to provide videos and DVDs. We do not feel that we are. "It is a challenge to have a balance between the print material and non-print, whether it be DVDs or electronic books or even electronic databases. We feel that we have built that balance very well. Yes, we do buy some contemporary DVDs and videos, but by far our largest collection is in all of the classics. But we also buy a lot of best sellers." Mr. Stines was not sure what the Commissioners' concerns are but he has documentation to show that the article did leave a wrong impression about the collection. Eight percent of the collection is DVDs, which account for twenty-nine percent of public circulation.

Dr. Scheuerle complimented the One Book Program.

Mr. Harkins stated that the South County Library groundbreaking would be held on April 7th at 9:00 a.m. Mr. Stines stated that maps would be sent to the Library Board.

Mr. Stines stated that the Real Estate Department has found that the (Riverview parking) Worm Farm property is in probate but believes it will be on the market in approximately three months.


Budget - No meeting is scheduled for April, 2005.

Planning - Tuesday, April 19, 2005 - 1:00 p.m. at the John F. Germany Public Library

Policy & Bylaws Thursday, April 28 - 3:00 p.m. at the John F. Germany Public Library

Library Board Thursday, April 28 - 4:00 p.m. at the John F. Germany Public Library


The meeting was adjourned at 5:40pm.

Next Library Board Meeting:
         Date: May 26, 2005
         Time: 4pm-6pm
         Location: Bloomingdale Regional Library

                 - Unless notified otherwise

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